Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Trip to Vancouver

Chad and I had our first long weekend away from Will. We went to Vancouver last weekend and had just the best time. It was super fun to get away for a few days, sleep in, take naps and just enjoy some time together.

We went to Stanley Park, Granville Island, ate at some great restaurants (Cin Cin, Lift, The Boathouse, Cafe Crepe, Raincity Grill) and called home to check on our little one. He was having a great time with Chad's parents. I am not sure who had more fun - Will or Bill and Becky. It would definitely be a close tie. My sister said that she thought Will knew when Bill and Becky left and that he looked a little sad. Very cute that Will...

We really fell in love with Vancouver. We loved the art that is scattered throughout the city - it seemed like there were sculptures everywhere.

The weather was perfect as well! It was supposed to rain the entire time we were there, but luckily it was sunny with blue skies most of the time. This is the view from our hotel:There is also a feeling of Olympic fever as the city gets ready for the 2010 winter games. The countdown continues...
View from Stanley Park...
We had a great time, and we really enjoyed coming home to our little baby!

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