Friday, October 18, 2013

iPhone Photos

 It has been forever since I downloaded my iPhone photos.  So here is almost 3 months worth of iPhone-captured moments!
Helping her baby play

Pony tails and painted nails

Upside down!

Will riding Chummy (Chad's name when he plays the role of an elephant)

Katie brushing her doll's teeth with real toothpaste

 taking care of her babies

At IKEA, Katie took this doll (now called Boy Baby) and had him play with everything, push elevator buttons ,etc.  We now own him.

Loli took this one at the park one day - they were watching the ducks

 Katie making some calls

modeling a friends dress - can you tell she loved this one?

feeding her daddy

Will with his favorite dental hygenist - Ashley

no caption needed

"Tent City" - Will's room before the bunk beds arrived (that is Katie laying on top of Will - in the sleeping bag - to wake him up from his nap)

Claire and Will enjoying a post-swim Starbucks snack

Katie sleeping in her big girl bed (with a red balloon from Andrew's party)

Ready for gymnastics

At the Longhorn game

The Forsberg Boys at the game



 Picking up pumpkins at Central Market

Off to gymnastics (again)

At swim lessons

Dinner date with Eisley

Vaseline in the hair...

After church playtime

Double fisting

Everything is a balance beam

Observation Day at Will's school

Milking a cow

Crazy eyes

At the arboretum children's garden

Loli sent me this picture of Will, Katie and Sophia at the Flight Museum

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