Sunday, July 24, 2011


We just got back from a wonderful week in Seaside.  It was Katie's first flight, and she did great!  Will was so excited to fly on an airplane, and luckily the trip there was uneventful. 

We rented this house that was just a 2-minute walk from the center of town.  It was a cute house (with a fantastic air conditioner!) and the perfect location.  We were about a 5 minute walk from the beach.  We rented a double stroller (which became our pack mule) so we could just push the kids through town and to the beach.  I make it sound easy and it really was with one exception.  Chad had to push the stroller up a big sand hill when we were coming back from the beach each day.  It was his daily workout.  It is hard enough to walk through sand uphill and to push a stroller in sand.  Combining the two is crazy!

Will loved the beach!  The first day he wasn't sure about the waves, but by the end of the week he would stand in the shallow water and let the waves crash on him.  He really loved the sand and loved combining sand and water.  He could have done that all day everyday. 

Katie was ridiculously amazing.  I don't expect a baby to be this good, but she just rolled with whatever we were doing each day.  She slept at the beach or just watched everyone play.  She sat in a bumbo seat on the table at lunch or dinner.  She really enjoyed the trip and loved laughing with her cousin Guerin.

Seaside is such a cute small town and we will definitely be returning!  We are already scouting out houses for next year.  We would love to make it an annual trip.  I can picture that when the kids are older we could stay a few blocks away and rent bikes and bike to the beach, etc.  I can see us all hanging out on Friday at movie night at the amplitheater.  I think it will be a great summer get away for years to come.

We loved the local toy store - Duckies.  Will called the toy store the "toy story" all week.  We went in a few times and he would just play with all the cars.  Will and I both loved the Pizza Bar and Will was the biggest fan of the frozen lemonade from the snow cone air stream trailer.  Chad and I loved Bud and Alley's and we will definitely be returning there every year!

So, I took LOTS of pictures.  I won't mention any numbers because it is ridiculous, but it was just such a picture perfect trip.  Here are some of my favorites.

Will and his dad

Will and his cousin Guerin

Chad, Bapa and Will

Katie dips her toes in the water

Will loved getting water from the ocean and pouring it in the sand

ring toss with an excellent follow through!



Will and Guerin building a sand castle with Ahma

The sand hill down to the water

He stole my hat!

building a sand castle with dad


Will and Guerin at the beach


katie and dad

sand castle consultation

hat shopping

at the toy store which Will called the toy story

Will loved this shovel

Loving the beach

Feeding his shark sand

Will holding up his beach chair reservation

Sandy boys

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  1. Jealous!!! Love the pic of Katie on the lounge chair!